Imperfection is beautiful

22 Feb

There is a message portrayed in the media, but it isn’t always an accurate or honest account. Flawless figures, luscious lips, and silky, smooth skin grace the covers of magazines, advertisements, and so on. Superficial beauty can be easily attained with the click of a mouse through the innovations of good, old modern technology. Thanks to Photoshop, celebrity photographs undergo hours upon hours of editing, removing every visible imperfection possible, before publication. What ever happened to natural beauty? Wrinkles, freckles, cellulite, and scars should not be hidden from the public eye. Photo enhancing techniques can work wonders, transforming an image from bland to glam. However, even though these images are eye-appealing, they give its viewers unrealistic expectations about what true beauty is. Negative body image is a prevalent issue among women, especially young adults, who try to emulate the looks of the stars. They often are blinded by the superficial image and can’t see past the gorgeous exterior flaunted in front of them. The health and overall wellness of viewers is jeopardized when they try to model the attractive, stick-thin or voluptuous body, promoted by the media. In the world of Hollywood, though, beauty is often only skin deep. Instead of scrutinizing their imperfections, people should appreciate who they are and value their natural state of beauty. A smile and self-confidence can make all the difference, so be proud of the reflection staring back at you. And most of all, love the skin you’re in.


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