Photo Sequence Assignment

14 Feb

On Saturday, Feb. 3, I attended the Elon Women’s basketball game vs. Western Carolina at 2 p.m. Both on and off the court, the Phoenix wore “Pink Zone” t-shirts supporting breast cancer. Fans showed their support for the team and helped raise awareness about the disease through contributions. The Elon women started out strong with several key plays, but the intensity slowly faded as time dribbled away. At the final buzzer, the scoreboard signaled the defeat of the Phoenix, falling to its competitor 48-75. Home team advantage didn’t fare them well during the game, but players and the Elon community alike proved their winning spirit by philanthropic efforts.

I tried to capture the heart and soul of the Elon Women’s Basketball team through various action shots and game changing moments. Every picture has its own story to tell, from the women perfecting their shooting technique to the empty net hanging solitary after the game. Basketball is just as emotional as it’s physical, impacting the lives of players and fans. I strived to share a visual account of the game, so even those who weren’t present could still see the story before their eyes.


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